Tenants in financial district enjoy a complimentary holiday breakfast sponsored by building management. 

Ask About electric chafing dishes and induction cooking stations for building that prohibit open flame.

#1 Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfast by definition is "a breakfast relating to characteristics of a continent." Continental breakfast does not require cooking or heating equipment on-site. Learn more >>>

#1 Hot Breakfast Buffet

Hot catered buffets typically use heated chafing dishes for hot food, and often include a combination of classic hot and continental style breakfast items. Learn more >>>

#1 Breakfast Stations

Omelette made to order, breakfast crepes and even pancakes can be served form a cooking station. Learn more >>>

Continental Breakfast

SF Continental

Dark Roast Coffee or Tea

Fresh Fruit Salad

Assorted Muffins

Orange Juice

$17 per person

Assemble your own form the list below.

Quick Breads

Muffins, coffee cake, scones, banana bread all come under the category of "quickbreads"

$3.75 per person

Mini Pastry

Pastry such as Danish, croissants, bear claws

$4 per person

Fruit Salad

Fresh seasonal fruit salad may include one or more types of fresh melon, pineapple, apples, pears, berries etc.

$5 per person

Fruit Granola & Yogurt

All natural granola fresh fruit salad and yogurt served from bowls. Having a working meeting or convention? These work great as "grab and go" in a convenient greenware container.

$5.25 per person


Fresh or premium brand orange juice

$4 per person

Coffee & Tea

Fresh brewed dark roast coffee - with a full variety of condiments. Allows for 2 8oz servings per person. Tea service includes lemon and honey in addition to regular condiments. Soy milk and other specialty items available upon request.

$5 per person

Hot Breakfast Buffet

Hot Breakfast Buffet

Fresh baked egg fritatta filled with vegetables, cheese and herbs. 

Country roasted potatoes with bell peppers, onions, herbs and garlic.

House made chicken sausage 

Fresh fruit salad 

Assorted Muffins

$21 per person

Assemble your own form the list below.


Fresh baked egg fritatta filled with vegetables, cheese and herbs. As hot egg dishes go, this is one of the best catering options you can choose for hot catered breakfasts without a sautee station.

$5.35 per person

$7.00 per person Add Smoked Salmon

Savory Breakfast Turnover

Our very own savory breakfast turnover consists of fresh scrambled eggs, cheese and house made chicken sausage OR roasted vegetables, wrapped in a delicate puff pastry shell.

$5 per person

Breakfast Sandwich

Classic lightly toasted english muffin with an fresh egg, cheese and tomato or ham wrapped in deli paper and served from heated dishes.

$4.50 per person

Salmon Scramble

Delicate lox style smoked salmon and fresh cage free eggs and a touch of dill and side of creme fraiche

$9 per person

Steak & Eggs Scramble

Succulent tri-tip steak sliced thin and scrambled with fresh eggs, herbs and spices and served with a side of sour cream and mild tomato salsa. Tobasco too!

$9 per person

Breakfast stations

Breakfast Stations

Ask About induction cooking stations for buildings that prohibit open flame.

  • Omeletes made to order
  • Savory and sweet crepes

Stations are a great way to offer hot catered food made to order for your guests. We have had great success adding stations to buffets. This allows guests with particular needs to have exactly what from all the items available.