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Many of our listed appetizers, hors d'Oeuvres, small plates, small bites tapas and more, can be presented on a party tray! The below items are great for appetizer stations and not avaiable for tray pass.

Artisian Cheese Board

A selection of imported and domestic cheese such as hard Spanish cheese, herb goat cheese, Humboldt Fog, Brie, sliced bread, crackers, nuts and dried fruit. 


Classic Fruit & Cheese Board

Domestic and imported cheeses, sliced apples and/or pears, grapes and strawberries (seasonal) served with sliced baguette and crackers


Crudite (Vegetable Tray)

Fresh, colorful vegetables cut and arranged on trays and served with Greek yogurt herb dip. 


Vegan Delight

Fresh, colorful vegetables cut and arranged on trays and served with a whipped tofu sesame dip. This dip is completely vegan but ultra rich and full of essential fatty acids.


Vegetarian Tofu Rolls (Vegan)

Firm tofu, marinated carrots, bean sprouts, fresh mint, parsley, and bean thread wrapped in a rice or tapioca flour wrapper. These completely vegetarian and vegan delights are both refreshing and substantial. Served with a sweet chili sauce and/or a side of hoisan sauce. 



Pickled grape leaves rolled with flavorful rice herbs and spices. This historic Mediterranean classic has many versions from Greece to Turkey, some with lamb, some completely vegan. Even omnivorous love this vegan favorite.