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Salads made from organic ingredients and the finest produce avalable.

Mixed Green Salad

Organic mixed greens served with our house made orange balsamic dressing.


French Potato Salad

Organic new potatoes cooked Al Dente, tossed with crisp celery, shallots and capers, and dressed in an herb balsamic vinaigrette


Fruit Salad

Fresh seasonal fruit served from bowls or platters


Spinach Salad

Tender Baby spinach, tossed in a herb vinaigrette and topped with crumbled feta, toasted nuts, and dried cranberries.


Caesar Salad

Made with crisp hearts of romain, shaved parmesan cheese and classic Caesar dressing

$9 full serving - $5 side salad

Wild Rice Salad

Wild rice, red rice and basmatti rice with diced peppers, celery, toasted nuts, green onions, herbs and a roasted hazelnut oil dressing. This very hearty delicious salad is completely vegan and gluten free just the way it should be.


Pasta Salad

Choose from our clasic vegetarian pesto pasta salad, or vegan roasted vegetable pasta prima vera with olive oil and herbs.