Employment Information

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"Your only as good as who you hire"

San Francisco Catering Comapany relies on a key crew of talented professionals to coordinate and work our events.

Who We Hire

Anyone with a pulse. JK

General Catering Servers

Wihout you the party doesn't happen and our temporary workers drift.

Experienced servers are divided into two categories "Seasoned Pros" and "part time" catering professionals. To us, "professional" means you have prior paid experience. You have been trained to perform most basic funtions at any catering. These tasks include;

  • Vehicle loading and unloading (How to pack a truck)
  • Proper lifting and carrying of equipment.
  • Catering setup and breakdown (tables, chairs, lines, glassware setup)
  • Managing of heated chafing dishes (Fire safety, proper filling, fuel replacement)
  • A food handlers certificate is required for all staff wishing regular employment


Cooks are the backbone of most caterings but often go unseen. Most of the catering we do requires a chef or cook onsite to finish garnish and maintain stock. Servers can perform many of these tasks, but a dedicated professional in a chefs coat is sometimes required.

If you are already a "Chef" most things we present you with will be second nature and you will only require details.

If you "Want" to be a chef we promise you an experience you will never forget. Do we mean good or bad? A little column "A", A little column "B".

Banquet Waiters

Banquet Waiters may have all the qualifications and skill of a general server. However below is the list of what a "Banquet" waiter needs to know.

  • How to set a table
  • Napkin folding
  • Proper serving order
  • Proper placing and removing of dishes
  • Proper pouring proceedure
  • How to use a waiter jack (stand and tray)


Bartenders are often the showpiece of the event and should have formal training and/or posses a TIPS certificate and/or a LEAD certificate. Your uniform will be the basic catering uniform with the addition of a vest.

Uniform: Bartenders and hosts may, on occasion, wear non-standard catering clothing when requested/allow by the client. SO that cool vest, shirt or tie you like to work in, just may fly.


Stewards and dishwashers may only need minimal training but this is a very important position so personality is key.

Part Timers & Trainies

Many students, retirees, people in between jobs and even those still deciding their next carer move have turned to catering to fill a niche. In fact many of today's top executives and celebrities have personal stories that start with " I was a dishwasher", " I did catering" OR "I was a waiter." Good thing too, part time catering workers make up the bulk of all catering staff in California. Without you nothing would get done.

You must be able to be on your feet for hours at a time, alternating from moving and standing in one place (erp not at the same time of course). You will need to purchase your own a basic catering uniform in oder to take on catering work.

Basic Chefs Uniform

  • Chefs coat
  • Black slacks or chefs pants (denim may be OK for some events)
  • Non-slip kitchen or work shoes

Basic Catering Uniform

  • Black dress slacks (wrinkle free poly or blend OK)
  • Black polished (no suede), closed-toe, non-slip shoes (shoes for crews)
  • Black collared shirt (Oxford style) 
  • Black bistro tie

From time to time we jump into the "Way Back" machine and show up in a white shirt and black bow tie.

Alternate Catering Uniform

From time to time we jump into the "Way Back" machine and show up in a white shirt and black bow tie.

  • Black dress slacks (wrinkle free poly or blend OK)
  • Black polished (no suede), closed-toe, non-slip shoes (shoes for crews)
  • White colared shirt (Oxford style) 
  • Black bow tie (clip on OK)

To be considered for part time-on call work you will need to send us an EMAILwith your resume or relevant work experience pasted into the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS OR LINKS TO GOOGLE DOCS! WE WILL NOT OPEN THEM!

We conduct interviews when we have events that need staffing. Off season, or non-event interviews are done at the mutual convenience of both parties.