SF Catering FAQ

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Here are some of our company policies with some FAQs for good measure.

Items Included

San Francisco Catering provides all items required for service including but not limited to standard chafing dishes, Quality disposable "greenware" plates, cups, flatware (forks, spoons, knives), and napkins. Unless otherwise stated. these items are included in the price of food.

Rental items such as tables, chairs, linen, plates, flatware, glassware,"presentation" chafers, buffet serving tables, linen and decor are NOT included in the price of food and will appear itemized on your contract.

Deposit and Payments

a 50% deposit will reserve our services for your event, with the final balance due and payable the day of the event. For your convenience SF Catering accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and checks.


San Francisco Catering Company offers billing terms to select companies that use our services on a regular basis. At least one week's notice is required for each event. Although, our standard discounts on food may not be available on these terms, advance ordering in itself offers inherent value.


Unless otherwise stated, all discounts are contingent upon the payment terms of, a 50% deposit of the non-discounted total amount, at least two weeks prior to the event date, balance COD.  

NOTE: With smaller events (less than $900 (per delivery) a 100% deposit is required to secure any listed discount. Events under this range may be charged for in full to secure your discount 

Guest Guarantee

The final guest count is required 7 days prior to each event. Adjustments may be made in writing within this one week period with approval from both parties. With seated meals and buffet caterings, SF Catering will prepare for 10% over the contracted amount. The client shall be held responsible for the actual number served over the contracted amount. SF Catering contracts to feed a guaranteed minimum number of guests, and/or deliver a minimum number of portions respectively. Any food/s and/or items not used at the event shall be retained and/or disposed of at the sole discretion of SF Catering. See leftovers

Receptions, cocktail events and open houses work a bit differently and are our specialty. When service is provided by SF Catering we have the ability to “Stretch” and “pace” your food, so as your guest count fluctuates we adjust accordingly. This is a function of what we do, so as long as no additional foods are used, your increased guest count will not incur additional fees. 


We understand that circumstances may make cancellation necessary. If this does happen you may request any remaining funds that have *not been allocated less a 15% coordination fee. Of course the lead time will affect the amount refunded. In some cases rescheduling your event can be done at little or no expense and may be the best option. 


A basic one way delivery fee of $85 applies to all deliveries within the San Francisco area. An additional $40 pickup charge is applicable when chafing dishes, coffee pots, serving trays and other non-disposable catering equipment are required.

High Rise Charge

An additional charge of $85 shall apply to any event requiring the use of a freight elevator and/or loading dock. 

Long Carry Charge

A charge of $50 per 50’ may apply to events farther that 50’ from the loading area or loading dock.

Rental Delivery

A separate delivery fee of $85 may apply for items such as tables, chairs, linen, dance floors as well as certain china, flatware and glassware.


Events requiring setup beyond normal delivery shall be billed for at the basic catering rate of $35 an hour per staff member. In most cases this will be a function of the on-site staff and will be reflected in the invoice under serving hours.


San Francisco Catering contracts for a guaranteed minimum number of guests, and/or to deliver a minimum number of portions respectively. Any food/s and/or items not used at the event shall be retained and/or disposed of at the sole discretion of SF Catering. Client may request any remaining foods/items contracted/paid for, but not used, providing client agrees to take full responsibility for the condition of any food taken from or left at event. Client further agrees to practice safe food handling practices with any leftover food including but not limited to providing sanitary food containers for transport and refrigeration when necessary.

Hold Harmless and Indemnify

Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify San Francisco Catering Company, INC., Herein referred to as, SF Catering, its’ employees, officers and associates for any damages, losses or injury incurred by the use of our services. Client also acknowledges that SF Caterings liability is limited to the cost of services rendered.


San Francisco Catering, INC. carries a minimum $2,000,000.00 commercial general liability insurance policy. If your location requires a COI (additionally insured certificate), please submit the required information at least five business days prior to your event.


Unless otherwise arranged for the client shall be held responsible for all fire permits, usage fees and licenses for your event location. Holding public events in San Francisco may require several weeks or even months lead time to properly plan.

*If a resource can be reallocated then no additional fee is charged. However, any venue deposits, entertainment booked, foods purchased, equipment purchased and/or rented may be charged for in full. Staff booked may need to be paid a minimum expected shift fee.