We provide staffing for our catered events and event support and staffing services for private and corporate functions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"You are only as good as who you hire."


Two weeks' or notice or more is best . 4-5 Hour minimum may apply.

Staff attire is Black on Black


“General Servers" are capable of performing most basic tasks at your event. Including, but not limited to serving food, beverages and cleanup.
$35 per hour

"Banquet Servers" (Waiters) are required for formal events and table service.
Banquet Server $45 hr

"Stewards" AKA house-men or bussers perform setup, cleanup and guest services
Steward $25 hr


Bartenders "Mixologists" are the cornerstone of many catered events. Putting a drink in the hands of your guests as soon as they arrive is a great way to start your event.
Bartender $45 hr

Bar-backs assist the main bartender. They re-stock ice, beverages and glassware. Often bartenders in training they can mix too when required
Bar back $35 hr


"Cooks" are an essential part of every catered event. They help expedite service, maintain freshness and provide general support.

"Station Chefs" are on display and can carve, grill, roll sushi and perform other specialty cooking tasks for your guests enjoyment.

General Cook $35 hr 4 hour min
Station Chef $45 hr 4 hour min


Some medium (100-200) and all large  (400+) events require a chef and a floor manager onsite. Large events with full bar service require a bar manager. 

$65 per hour 5 hour min
Bar Manager $65 hr 5 hour min